New Year Compliments In Chennai

REWARDKART is a Chennai-based loyalty platform development and reward fulfillment company . We are a part of GLOBAL SOURCING, one of India’s leading companies for sourcing and supplying products for nearly 2 decades.Our Founders have over 3 decades of experience with companies like Sodexo, Zaggle and Reward360 and played a lead role in developing innovative products and driving their growth.We Deliver Digital and Physical Rewards for Loyalty Point Redemptions, Employee Reward & Recognition, Channel Incentives and Corporate Gifting Requirements.We Custom-Design Loyalty Platforms to Engage with your Customers, Consumers, Channel Partners and keep them Happy and Loyal to Grow your Business.We Create Branded Merchandise for Companies for Sales Promotions, Marketing Activities and to give as Business Compliments. Latest electronic gadgets and home appliances, personal accessories, cookware items and home entertainment. 

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